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2017 TBMS Annual General Meeting – Update

Date: Apr 28, 2017
Venue: McGillivray’s Landing, The Old Fort, Thunder Bay
Start time: 5.00pm

There will be a Cash Bar at the Venue.
Buffet dinner has been arranged for attending members.
Please RSVP latest by 24th Of Apr 2017


  • Welcoming Remarks-Dr M. Azad
  • CEO’s Address to Medical Society-Mr J. Bartkowiak
  • OMA Update-Dr B. Jacobson
  • Dinner 6.00-6.30pm
  • CPSO Update-Dr A. Turner
  • Treasurer’s report-Dr T. Trochimchuk
  • Executive nominations and election

 At the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Thunder Bay Medical Society (TBMS) at 5:00 pm on April 28th, 2017 at The Old Fort, McGillvray’s Room, Thunder Bay, Ontario, there will be an election for positions on the executive of the TBMS as well as delegates to OMA council.

Please forward nominations in advance to Dr. Madhu Azad by phone or email (Cell 355 3178, or bring your nomination forward at the meeting.

Attendance at the AGM will be your opportunity to vote.

Currently, the nominees are:

  • Dr. Bryanne Minty for Treasurer,
  • Dr. Madhu Azad for Past President,
  • Dr. M. Sylvaggio for President,
  • Dr. T. Trochimchuk for Vice President, and
  • Dr. T. Valente for Secretary.

There are currently no nominees for the Member at Large position.

Historically, delegates to council have been selected from the TBMS executive. In the current OMA governance structure, Delegates and Alternates to Council are elected at the District level.  However, District 10 governance system allows TBMS to elect its preferred Delegates and Alternates to Council to be presented to the District Nominating Committee.   If you have an interest in being on the TBMS executive or being it’s preferred Delegate or Alternate to Council, please contact us as above.