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Presentations for Summer School 2018

Presentations for Summer School 2018;

SS2018-Harris Pancreatic Cysts

SS2018-Moir_Informed Discharge_ A Case Study and Discussion


SS2018-Ali K_Clues to Impending Electrical Dooms

SS2018-Dan B_CBT S

S2018-Bjug_HQO Thunder Bay Opioid Talk

SS2018-Sheryl WarkConcussion talk 2018

SS2018-Osman_PAOD for Summer School 14 September 2018

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Presentations from Spring School 2018

Presentations from Spring School 2018

Session 1 Cullingham-Tbay

Dermatology 101: From Acne to Zebras and the Pearls in Between

Session 2-Groot

Hot topics in Environmental Health: Radon and Lyme Disease

Session 3-Abrams

Guidelines for Food Introduction

Session 4- Puskas_Fanti

Regional Orthopaedic Program – Musculoskeletal Centre of Excellence

Session 5- Woodbeck 3

BUTT OUT: Smoking Cessation in Primary Care