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2019 Summer School Presentations

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Below are the downloadable files from the presentations made Sept 13th & 14th.

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OMA Spouse/Guest Dinner at Silver Birch

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The Spousal Dinner is booked for the Silver Birch on Thursday, September 12th. Get your tickets here.

This event occurs at the same time as the OMA Dinner & meeting happening at the Delta Hotel by Marriott on the waterfront.

The Silver Birch is located at 28 Cumberland St North, Thunder Bay, ON. The reception (cash bar) will start at 6 pm followed by dinner at 7 pm. Please contact the restaurant directly (807.345.0597) with any dietary concerns.

A TBMS member and/or one guest may attend this dinner. A fee will apply for additional guests (use the ‘Non-member guest’ ticket).
* medical couples do not have the option of an additional “TBMS member guest”.

Please add one ticket per person.

Please contact our secretary Marion Robinson at 684-6000 ext 4426 or email her at to confirm your attendance.

Reception starts at 6:00 pm!

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2019 TBMS Annual Membership and Summer School tickets now available

2019 TBMS Annual Memberships are now available as well as the Summer School & President’s Gala.
New this year is that the social events are being handled by “Destination Thunder Bay”. To view the selection of events and to register with them visit their website here

The OMA General Meeting is free to attend but we ask that you register for the event by “purchasing” a free ticket here or calling our office to register (807.684.6000 ext 4426).

Select your membership and ticket options in the store here.

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Spring School 2019 Presentations

Here are the presentations from the Spring School 2019 held April 5th and 6th .
1. FIT Spring School Final .pdf
2.1 Oncologic Emergencies – Davies Presentation.pdf
2.2 Oncologic Emergencies – Hagerty Presentation.pdf
3. Pain Management of Malignant Pain – Simpson.pdf
4. Medical Mimics – Wadhwa Presentation.pdf
6. Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria – Gamble Presentation.pdf
7. Secret Keys to Open the Lock of Chronic Pain – Shojaei Presentation.pdf
8. Talking About Death – Bezanson and KKM.pdf
9. From North to Further North_ A Paediatricians Year in Iqaluit.pdf
10. Patient Sexuality Tuning – McKitrick.pdf
11. A Review of the Top 3 Referrals – Green Presentation.pdf
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Presentations for Summer School 2018

Presentations for Summer School 2018;

SS2018-Harris Pancreatic Cysts

SS2018-Moir_Informed Discharge_ A Case Study and Discussion


SS2018-Ali K_Clues to Impending Electrical Dooms

SS2018-Dan B_CBT S

S2018-Bjug_HQO Thunder Bay Opioid Talk

SS2018-Sheryl WarkConcussion talk 2018

SS2018-Osman_PAOD for Summer School 14 September 2018

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Presentations from Spring School 2018

Presentations from Spring School 2018

Session 1 Cullingham-Tbay

Dermatology 101: From Acne to Zebras and the Pearls in Between

Session 2-Groot

Hot topics in Environmental Health: Radon and Lyme Disease

Session 3-Abrams

Guidelines for Food Introduction

Session 4- Puskas_Fanti

Regional Orthopaedic Program – Musculoskeletal Centre of Excellence

Session 5- Woodbeck 3

BUTT OUT: Smoking Cessation in Primary Care